Dutch Kidney Association Advises against Vegan ‘Meat’ Replacements Due to Potential Kidney Damage and Diabetes

In a Twitter tweet (archived here), the Dutch Kidney Association warns against eating meat replacements. The comment followed after a Dutchman named Sjoerd van der Wouw observed in a supermarket there were “more than 100 meat substitutes” to choose from nowadays. He added:

“If you still say that you don’t eat vegan because you don’t like it, you are an obsessive whiner or you just want the climate to break and animals to suffer.”

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Can’t We Trust Any History?

I’ve been reading the works of several historical revisionists. They generally claim that the history of ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and even Christianity and the Hebrews were, largely if not completely, invented by medieval monks living in Germany and Italy well after the 11th century “AD”.

Some even claim the Colosseum in Rome or the Akropolis in Greece were medieval inventions and never finished! I.e., what we think was ancient Rome or Greece was really a medieval theme park. At least, that’s the opinion of some people who question our history.

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Becoming Ungovernable and Escaping the Parasite

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At university, I took a course called Introduction to Ecology. I learned that certain species of beetles can live among ants undetected in their colonies. Though very different in form, these parasitical beetles evolved to have a similar scent as their host, and so, can move unseen.

For example, the parasitic highwayman beetle will live among ants and literally steal food from his hosts’ mouths. “Glands around their heads and mouths secrete a mysterious appeasement compound that distracts the hapless worker ant,” researchers explain.

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Francis Fukuyama Has Lost the Plot, and So Have Many Western ‘Intellectuals’

Let’s be honest, no one in Kyiv/Kiev understands why the Russia-Ukraine war has to be prolonged as though its purpose were to maximize the number of civilian casualties. But an article printed in German by American thinker Francis Fukuyama offers a glimpse into the worrisome state of mind of men who believe the war should continue.

It is a state of mind of people yet convinced of the superiority of Western culture, in particular of liberal democracy. But the American democracy of the 1950s that empowered large families before big government has long been replaced by a totalitarian system of ‘Wokist’ speech codes again self-imagined white male privilege.

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The Real Great Reset Is the Reset of History

When you dig up an ancient grave and move to findings to an archive, someday the archive will go up in flames, or an end of funding with see the artifacts rot away. Modern preservation only works as well as the people willing to preserve things for posterity.

If cities such as London or Paris were, one day, to go up in flames, or to be abandoned, what will happen to all of its museums’ collections? Much may be plundered and discarded, and very little will survive the centuries, let alone thousands of years.

The point is, the archeologists of the modern Western age have effectively erased the histories that were recorded by our world’s soil. All digitalis copies, too, may simply disappear once the internet or electricity is shut off. Hard drives might not survive more than a few decades.

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Racist Sweden Denies White Refugees the Rights It Granted Third-World Immigrants

The (mostly) white refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine may be dumbfounded to discover that Sweden will not grant them the same rights the Nordic nation granted third-world immigrants from Syria and other Muslim nations.

Unlike those earlier immigrants, of which the sparsely populated nation absorbed over a million, white Ukrainian refugees will not be allowed to stay in Sweden indefinitely. The new refugees are told to leave before March 4th, 2023, although this date may be extended by a year, twice.

Previously, mostly Muslim migrants were allowed to stay indefinitely, without question. It would have been “racist” to demand they leave. But the new Ukrainian migrants will not only be asked to leave within a year, they are also told to pay for their stay in Sweden.

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Why the Transgender Movement Aims to Remove the Essence of Life

Gender-Communism and Sex-Atheism

A woman was raped on a single-sex ward in a British hospital run by the National Health Service (NHS). But the NHS denied the rape, stating that there were no males on the ward.

Apparently, the attacker identified as a male-to-female transgender (a “transwoman”). The male in question still had his full bells and whistle attached, as do most “transwomen”, and *he had indeed used his tools to rape a female patient. Just because someone says they’re a woman doesn’t mean they’re a woman.

But why was this rapists-in-a-dress put in the single-sex women’s-only accommodation in the first place? Well, the NHS guidance says that “trans people and gender-variant children” must be placed in line with “the way they dress, and the name and pronouns they currently use”.

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People Aren’t Just “Bodies”, We Are Human Beings

The most sickening quality of all liberal thinking must be people’s reduction to mere “bodies”. We are just bodies in motion, they say, as though human beings didn’t have a soul, a mind, a consciousness, a spirit, or a free will?

This is dehumanizing. People aren’t just “bodies”. Even the sports news latched on to this sickening far-left propaganda by stating that bodies do sports, not feelings. But bodies don’t do sports, people do.

However, globalist sickos are trying to use international sports events to push their transgender agenda. They applied a classic case of playing both sides through controlled opposition:

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Classroom Education Is Mental Abuse

Enslaved by the Bell

Classroom education wasn’t introduced to the United States until the early 19th century. Religious classroom education started in Germany around the 16th century. The aim was always to inculcate pliable minds with the dogmas of their time, in the service of their masters.

Long ago, there was no such thing as school education. Children would either seek out apprenticeships or start work early.

Yet, it’s so easy to point out everything that’s wrong with the education system, both modern and past. It’s the format itself that leads to psychological problems among every generation squeezed through the system.

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Leaving Plato’s Cave

Our Falsified History and Its Implications

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In his book The Republic, written almost 2,400 years ago, Greek philosopher Plato proposed his famous allegory of the cave, namely to explore “the effect of education and the lack thereof on human nature”. The allegory comes in the form of a dialogue between Plato’s brother and another Greek thinker, Socrates.

Socrates describes a group of people chained to the wall of a cave ever since they were born, facing a blank wall. Projected onto the wall in front of them, the prisoners watch shadows from objects passing in front of a fire burning behind them. These shadows are given names. The fictions are the prisoners’ only reality but they do not represent the real world.

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